We seek to serve the Community and those in the Church through various groups, events and gatherings.

Summer 2022 Community Outreach

Some of our ministries were paused during Covid. The following are ministries we have offered, even though some are not happening now. Please contact the Church office for times of meetings or more information.

Ladies morning out. This weekly gathering is for women to come together to do handwork and visit with one another. There is plenty of sharing, laughter, and spiritual input.

Moms & Tots This has been a group for community women with small children to visit while the children play. This will resume in fall 2022.

Youth ministry. See the Youth page.

image of an open Bible

Home Bible studies.
These are groups of about 8-12 individuals who meet weekly in a home to study the Scriptures together. Groups provide a safe place for discussion and sharing. They become a community of caring and support for one another.


Grief Share. These are groups for those who have experienced loss. They are facilitated to help process the common experiences of grief. They provide a safe context with others who have also experienced grief. These groups run periodically, but there is no group meeting at this time.

Summer Children’s ministry. In summer we plan to have students assist us in leading a variety of activities, including kids ministries for fun and learning about Jesus.

Community Barbecues. These are informal opportunities for all who wish to join us for food and fun with others from the community. Look back for information on the next barbecue.

Playground. The Church recently completed the playground. The playground is for church and community. Enjoy.

image of MBBF playground equipment june 2022

Prayer Meeting. Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm online via Zoom. If you have a prayer request, please send to the church email. If you wish to participate in the prayer meeting, the Zoom link is sent with the Monday email.






Cobble Hill Fair August 2022

image ofMBBF Youth doing crafts with children image of a child looking at crafts on table image of table full of crafts